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Our Story

UNEK Solutions Nigeria Limited is a multidimensional, innovative, and value driven independent organization in the business of strategic communications, personal, professional, and organizational development.

The company is fully Nigerian-owned, with offices located at Enugu and Abuja, Nigeria. The organization has expertise in training, business development, publishing, digital media, and integrated marketing communications. UNEK Solutions provides dozens of educational and networking opportunities for individuals to learn about personal, professional, and community issues, from experts, and from each other. These opportunities build community among citizens and provide a robust arena for exchange of ideas, collective problem solving, and the development of cross-sector solutions.

We are driven values

Our basic pillars of services – professionalism, effectiveness, and complexity of solutions for our clients are fundamentals for any credible organization. In our work, we focus on staying current with the leadership environment in Nigeria using knowledge from domestic and international resources.

UNEK Solutions Dialogue

UNEK Solutions Dialogue represents an unprecedented effort to help women in Nigeria to tell their stories and share experiences with audiences far beyond their neighborhoods.

Marketing Strategy

Success in businesses doesn’t happen chance. Key results are achieved when effective strategies meet exceptional execution.

Innovation and Research

UNEK’s Innovation and Research program represents an ambitious initiative that explores the causes and consequences of social inequalities in African society in a much deeper and more comprehensive way than has been achieved before.


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Partnership and Business Development


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Public Affairs


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Human Resources